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A coffee break is a quite new definition in meetings organisation. However, now coffee breaks are used throughout and there are some important causes for this fact. First of all, this format is very comfortable for organisers and attendees. It doesn’t demand a lot of free space, special equipment and could be provided during 15-20 minutes. It saves time, which could be more useful for a conference, a training or a corporate meeting.

On other hand, coffee breaks help guests to keep themselves up in any moment. Secondly, this format could optimise a budget of the meeting because a low cost of coffee breaks. A short pause with tea, coffee, snacks and desserts isn’t very expensive for organisers. So, they could and they should think about this spending pattern before. It is not only a good way to feed attendees. Another important benefit is informal conversations during coffee breaks. It gives a chance to relax and makes good conditions for new business contacts setting up.

However, coffee breaks are not so easy like it could looks like. As a matter of fact, perfectly organised breaks are results of a complicated planning and a common work of cookers, waiters, suppliers, logisticians and other specialists. Only professional approach to this task could give a real comfort, a quality tech support and a wise budget use. Service of coffee breaks organisation and carrying is one of main focuses for “Mr. Catering” company.



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