Corporate feeding

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Success of any business is strongly related with a work process organisation. The work process organisation, in its turn, is connected with a staff work capacity. Any employer shouldn’t wait brilliant results by unmotivated specialists who think about dinner and don’t feel care of his/her company.

Corporate dinners are not only a good example of a company’s positive social responsibility, but also an effective way of the work process optimisation. Common dinners in the office make a strong corporate spirit, help to avoid time wastes and increase motivation.

On other hand, corporate dinners are not very simple in realisation. The company might do it without an outside help, but in this case managers should be ready for some important problems. They would have to find responsible suppliers, buy equipment for cooking and foods keeping, hire a canteen personal, and get approvals from local health inspection services and so on. That’s why catering could be a more appropriate way of the corporate feeding. They do it professionally and, as a rule, not so expensive as you imagined.

“Mr. Catering” company has organised a corporate feeding in tiny and huge organisations for many years. Great experience helps us to offer a high-level catering from simple corporate lunch’s delivery to unbelievable banquets for 2000 guests. Our cookers don’t let anybody be aloof from cordon bleu courses. Furthermore, we think not only about foods and drinks, but also about all necessary support of the party or the meeting. We offer a complex service including technical support, cleaning, logistics and other important points. Finally, everybody could choose the most interesting variant of the corporate feeding according to the real budget and staff wishes.

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